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I've spent days and days trying to install GMP library on my MINGW windows installation. I completed the installation process of both dozens of times, followed any single guide on the internet but I couldn't manage to get things working. So, I'm here desperate to ask someone to help me brute-force this problem: does anyone have a WORKING mingw (32 bit) installation with GMP succesfully built and working on it? Could someone zip it and send it to me somehow? Like uploading it on mediafire/megaupload and sharing the link? I know this is not very elegant, but I'm really desperate. I'd just need a working installation of GMP on MINGW, possibly compiling c++ sources so that I can use directly operator overloading, but C version would be ok as well.

Please someone help, I can't complete my work just because of this bloody library

Thank you again


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I feel your pain. My biggest beef with C++ is how hard it is to share libraries. Unfortunately, this type of question doesn't really belong on stack overflow. –  Benjamin Lindley Aug 30 '11 at 23:58
All right.. Do you have experience with mingw? I posted another question here: stackoverflow.com/questions/7251070/… Maybe you can help? –  Matteo Monti Aug 31 '11 at 0:01
When linking libraries with MinGW outside of the MSys shell, you're going to have to specify your paths like this: c:/path/to/lib. Looks weird, but that might fix your problem. –  Ze Blob Aug 31 '11 at 1:18

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To install GMP on mingw32 (with mingw reinstallation for updating, because mingw-get can't update):

Delete (move to another dir; archive or do other backup) your mingw32 installation.

Reinstall mingw32 from site (it will be newer).

Do a commands from msys:

 mingw-get install mingw32-gmp 
 mingw-get install mingw32-gmp-dev


PS: if it doesn't works; do

 mingw-get install mingw32-gmp-dev 
 mingw-get install mingw32-libgmp

Find the downloaded files with *.lzma extension (they will be both in mingw subdirs and in Temporary Internet Files of IE browser)

Unpack them manually to main mingw dir.

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The C++ wrapper works perfectly here. I have the following files, I believe I downloaded them from the MinGW site, but I am not completely sure:


You need to copy the headers, libraries and dlls to their respective directories, and add the -lgmp -lgmpxx parameters to the compiler.

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