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I am looking at migrating our svn code base to perforce. Looking at google search results, I did find 2 tools which do the same

  1. P4Convert-SVN
  2. SVN2P4

Both these tools seems to be from the Perforce website. But I couldn't find pros and cons of using one tool vs the other. We also need to migrate the svn history to perforce. Is this possible using any of these tools ?

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I'd recommend trying p4convert-svn. It is very solid.

If you have any problems you should contact Perforce support. There's a new tool in the works but not generally available yet.

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Thanks a lot. This helps – Thunderhashy Sep 1 '11 at 21:02

Have you seen this Perforce Page on this issue? They seem to say P4Convert is the way to go. SVN2P4 is in the public repository which means it is a Perforce user who created the tool. They may have created it because they didn't like P4Convert-SVN or because they didn't know about it.

One thing I can say about Perforce is that their technical support is excellent. I suggest you give their Support Number a call and simply ask them which way is the best.

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Both of the tools P4Convert-SVN and SVN2P4 migrate your history to Perforce; that is the main reason they exist. The tools (in fact, any migration tools) iterate over all the changes in SVN and submit them individually to Perforce.

I have used p4convert-svn to migrate a large SVN repository to Perforce; it did the job well.

If you are a new Perforce customer, you should have purchased a start-up package that includes migration of your source control - see Perforce Consulting for information.

Also for some more information about migrating repositories see this forum post on Perforce forums that I have also contributed to. It links to a good case study on migrating a repository (actually would consider it essential reading).

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Thanks a lot. This helps – Thunderhashy Sep 1 '11 at 21:02

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