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In the following code:

NSFetchedResultsController *frc =
[[NSFetchedResultsController alloc]

The @"store" value for sectionNameKeyPath actually points to a relationship to a Store entity which has a name attribute that I really need as my section header title.

But the way my code is setup it cannot be accomplished as I instead get section titles like: 0x5b504f0 0x5b51190 Which are code data addresses for the Store object being fetched as far as I can tell.

How can I use NSFetchedResultsController so that I may tell it that I want it to fetch the name attribute of whatever it fetches from sectionNameKeyPath:@"store" ? Or is there some other workaround?

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Try sectionNameKeyPath:@"store.name"

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Thank You! Just to give props, the following also helped: stackoverflow.com/questions/2353924/… –  pulkitsinghal Aug 31 '11 at 3:35

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