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I am having trouble with my linker, I asked a question but have not got an exact solution. However its a problem with a linker called LINK_.exe

Does anybody know why this file is different or why it is called just after LINK.exe during my compile?

I am using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 on Windows XP SP3. For a C++ project.

Further to that:

Turns out that I had a link.exe and a link_.exe, is link.exe being some sort of router for cross-platform compilation?

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Is your problem similar to this post: <…;? Providing some details of the exact error, source may be of help. – dirkgently Apr 7 '09 at 11:21
That is my other question and it does contain the output of the error. Which is the link_.exe which is why I am asking what the file is. I am not re-asking the question I am being specific about one part to increase my understanding of the problem. – Phil Hannent Apr 7 '09 at 11:27

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