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I am pretty new to html + css, and have just coded my first website. What I wanted to ask you is how can I create a jquery lightbox like this: http://0.s3.envato.com/files/2312958/screenshot_01.jpg with its own loading progress view while it loads the image?

Please remember I am new to html!

Thanks in advanced.

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Do you want to code it yourself to get some experience? Or do you want to implement it on a website? If it's the latter, there are a lot of wonderful options out there: I would recommend Fancybox (fancybox.net). –  attack Aug 31 '11 at 1:13
ColorBox is also nice. colorpowered.com/colorbox/core/example1/index.html –  Jared Farrish Aug 31 '11 at 1:15
Right click. View Source. –  Explosion Pills Aug 31 '11 at 1:22

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That looks like fancy box. Fancy box is (IMHO) the best lightbox out there. Very reliable and very versatile. Go here for info and examples:


Go here for usage:


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there are any number of lightbox plugins available.

here is a single page showing 10 of them for starters;


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