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I'm using express.session and connect-mongo be my DataStore.

What I'm facing is... in my server, I have 20 different app.get() calls. but not all of them require to check the session.

however, if i do this in the beginning of my server:

express.createServer( express.session({ ... }));

Then every single call will trigger the express.session and thus, set a session to mongoDB.

How to I limit to only the ones I want to trigger express.session?

e.g. app.get('/getASession')  will get a session
app.get('/donotGetSession')  will not even trigger express.session 
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I find out the solution. express.session return as a function. so I can do this:

global.mySession = express.session({ secret: session_secret,
    store:new MongoStore({  
        db: session_db_name,
        host: session_db_ip,
        port: session_db_port

app.get('/checkSession', mySession, function (req, res) {

so, if I don't want soemthing use session, then i don't put mySession there. :) simple. i love node. :D

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That is really a feature of express.js not node but I do agree. I love them both. – respectTheCode Sep 2 '11 at 13:12

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