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I simply want to extract a certain image from a block of html text that may contain 5 different images--in the image I want, the url always starts with "http://yourhosthere.images.....," where the other images don't have that same beginning url structure. I just cannot figure out how to just grab that one image and ignore all the others.

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You have some sample code? –  Book Of Zeus Aug 31 '11 at 2:45

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A sample of the HTML would help, but you can use preg_match like this:


$html='<img src="http://yourhosthere.images/theimage.jpg">
<img src="">

$regex='/<img src="(http:\/\/yourhosthere\.images.*)">/';

preg_match ($regex,$html,$matches);



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You may want take a look at this: - specifically at the attribute filters.

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