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I was trying to do a

setenv CLASSPATH /somethig/foo/junit-4.9.jar

kind of thing. After doing some searching (the command setenv was not detected). I found that I had to use instead

export CLASSPATH=/folder/junit-4.9.jar

Which didn't mark an error or anything. The problem is that it seemed to mess up other things that used to work like if I do

javac -Xlint FooTest.java

it says something like

cannot find symbol variable Foo


Foo comes from Foo.java and Foo.class files

And before doing the export classpath thing I was able to do this. Is there anyway to revert that?

Where do I erase what i just added by doing the export CLASSPATH= bla bla?

I want to return to "the way things were" before I started adding the junit path


UPDATE if I do an echo of the value I get:

echo $CLASSPATH .:/folder/junit-4.9.jar:/junit-4.9.jar

Nevermind I erased the whole thing I put by setting CLASSPATH="" and now the stuff compiles.

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Is this for a bash script? –  gigadot Aug 31 '11 at 5:11

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export CLASSPATH=.:$CLASSPATH:/folder/junit-4.9.jar
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I just want to erase the path that I added for junit-4.9.jar and compile everything as I had it before –  bb2 Aug 31 '11 at 2:55

You probably have to rebuild your classpath again as the old one has overwritten by export CLASSPATH=/folder/junit-4.9.jar. Remember including the old classpath when you setting a new one:

export CLASSPATH="${CLASSPATH}:/folder/junit-4.9.jar"
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You can do export CLASSPATH=/folder/junit-4.9.jar:$CLASSPATH So you will have the old value of classpath plus new value.

if you really want to revert it, you can store it in a temp variable export TMP_CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH then export CLASSPATH=/folder/junit-4.9.jar then export CLASSPATH=$TMP_CLASSPATH

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but I already did the changes, I mean I can't save it in a temp variable anymore. A file that used to compile now does not compile after I attempted on adding the junit-4.9.jar classpath –  bb2 Aug 31 '11 at 2:58
New terminal should preserve the old environment, so you could logout and login / open a new terminal... –  user454322 Aug 31 '11 at 5:11

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