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So I have a page with a repeater bound to a viewmodel

I want to show/hide a block of HTML based on if the current row property CapAssignedToUserCode is the same as the variable currentUserCode (see if statement)

there is a value in the current row for the property CapAssignedToUserCode and if I hardcode the Eval("CapAssignedToUserCode") to a string it all works

I basically want to get the current row of the repeater and pass the property CapAssignedToUserCode to the function commonCap.SameUserCode

<asp:Repeater ID="rptAnnualActionsAssigned" runat="server">
        <div class="item">
            <asp:HiddenField ID="hdnCapItemId" runat="server" />
            <span class="status"><strong>Status: </strong>
                <span class="status"><strong>Assigned To: </strong>
            <div class="noHighlightTable">
                    if (showCompleteBtn || commonCap.SameUserCode(Eval("CapAssignedToUserCode").ToString(), currentUserCode))
                <a class="noHighlightBtn" onclick="OpenSPDialog('/_layouts/beim/CAPAction.aspx?capDataId=' + <%#Eval("CapDataId")%>, 'Complete Action')"
                    href="javascript:void(0);">Complete action</a>
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Call a method inline. The method has your logic/output.

<%# WhateverYourLogicIs( (bool) DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"CapAssignedToUserCode") ) %>

There are several other ways including checking the eval directly. Check out:

Conditional Logic in page

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I cant access the Container object? any ideas – Amjid Qureshi Aug 31 '11 at 5:45

Use Eval only to render field, if you want to pass field data to method use Container.DataItem.

So your code should looks like that:

   if (showCompleteBtn || commonCap.SameUserCode((Container.DataItem as YourBindedType).CapAssignedToUserCode), currentUserCode))
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I cant access the Container object? any ideas – Amjid Qureshi Aug 31 '11 at 5:45
don't you forget # after '<%' simbols ? – Dima Aug 31 '11 at 6:01
cheers for pointing out the hash – Amjid Qureshi Sep 1 '11 at 6:49

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