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I coded a relatively simple script using python and also wrote doc strings for all the methods as follow:

def processData(rawData):
    """Proccessing raw data from weather station using Regex to get final sensor readings.

        rawData: A string contains all the sensor readings. This string will be processed
                 using regex to remove garbage.

        finalList: A list of final sensor readings."""

However, when I tried to print the doc strings via interpreter the doc strings is printed out as "None"

>>> import ws100_weather_data as weather
>>> print weather.__doc__

But help(weather) display all the doc strings as well as other information. So am I doing anything wrong here? If I am, what is the right way to access doc strings?

Thank you.

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There are different doc strings for different objects. The docstring for your function would be processData.__doc__, for the module it is weather.__doc__, which you didn't define. Define that as a bare string (unassigned) in the global scope at the top of the file.

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Thank you, I am being stupid >.< –  Noobie Aug 31 '11 at 6:05

You are showing us the doc string of one method. Presumably you do not have a doc string for the class.

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Thank you! I totally didn't notice that –  Noobie Aug 31 '11 at 6:11

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