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I recently created a fb page for sharing my photography work. I'm new to iframes n stuff so I did my welcome page via an app provided by wildfire

Here is the link to the page

Now, how exactly do i get rid of the vertical scroll? The app specifically says that scripts aren't allowed. Also, setting body style="overflow: hidden" isn't allowed as tells me that the body tag can't be used

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It looks fine in Firefox 6. No vertical scrollbar. – tw16 Aug 31 '11 at 6:38
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The best solution would be to use the JS-SDK. You can either use FB.Canvas.SetAutoResize to have your page automatically resized or, if you know exactly what the height and width of the page will be, use Fb.Canvas.SetSize

You can find more info here:

Also, keep in mind that the maximum width of a page app is 520 pixels and from personal experience, it's best to keep it around 500-510px

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You have to make your css in this way

body {

and use FB.Canvas.setAutoResize(); In this way you can do your tab 520 pixel without scrollbar

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