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I'm sure someone has already solved this problem: what is an easy and portable way to convert a hex color value (anything from 000000 to FFFFFF) to 3 decimal values from 0 to 255. (If you're not familiar with how colors are traditionally represented in HTML, the first two hex digits are the first decimal number, and so forth.)

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2 Answers

you can use a script like:

    # hextorgb.sh
    hexinput=`echo $1 | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'` #uppercaseing
    a=`echo $hexinput | cut -c-2`
    b=`echo $hexinput | cut -c3-4`
    c=`echo $hexinput | cut -c5-6`

    r=`echo "ibase=16; $a" | bc`
    g=`echo "ibase=16; $b" | bc`
    b=`echo "ibase=16; $c" | bc`

    echo $r $g $b
    exit 0

and use it like

    ./hextorgb.sh "11001A"


17 0 26

It can be improved for testing arguments and so on, but it does what you want.

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Small note on bc; the hex input data must be uppercase. Else it'll bite you in the ass down the line when you give it ff which is interpreted as the variable ff, which isn't set so it gives you 0. –  plundra Aug 31 '11 at 7:52
thanks, i'll correct that. I only wanted to demonstrate the transformation, script can by improved. –  Florin Ghita Aug 31 '11 at 7:58
To get this to work on my machine I had to change $0 to $1 –  Cory Klein Sep 20 '13 at 22:57
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$ cat hexrgb.sh
printf "%d %d %d\n" 0x${hex:0:2} 0x${hex:2:2} 0x${hex:4:2}

$ ./hexrgb.sh
17 0 26

If you are not willing to use bash for substring expansion, I'd still use printf for the conversion.

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