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We're trying to configure our first "server" and we would like to have maven3 working on it. Now we've already installed a debian squeeze with a working svn so far. Now for the maven3 part I've been googling around for a tutorial on install/configure on squeeze but so far what I've found is:

Maven 3.x is still in beta stage [1] and Debian Squeeze 6.0 is now frozen so 
it may not be a high priority package.

If someone have enough time to package this (ie. based on maven2 package + all 
new runtime dependencies), maybe we can upload it to experimental archive.

So does this mean that we'll have to postpone this and go for maven2 for the time being or can we still try to get maven3?

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Should belong to serverfault, anyway yes, you have to wait if you want an official package.

Debian is a great distribution but it doesn't offer the latest packages because their policy of great stability.

Usually if you need an higher version of a package you can add backports sources to your repositories list, which provides newer versions of popular packages compiled against the stable distribution library, but currently they doesn't provide maven package, because even in sid maven is at version 2.

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Thanks for the info. –  Bogdan Aug 31 '11 at 8:09

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