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I'm working with an Asp.net MVC 3.0 application and use JQuery + JSON . I'm planing to use jquery post and get methods to send/back data to server.As a result, my JQuery Code base will be large and should be maintainable.

so that what are the best practices and design patterns when using JQuery with ASP.net MVC 3.0 ?

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Here are a few tips:

  • Always try to place javascript in separate js files and avoid placing it in views.
  • Never hardcode urls in your javascript files. Always use Url helpers when generating urls.
  • For javascript code that could be reused in multiple places, prefer to write a jQuery plugin.
  • Before writing some code, search whether someone hasn't yet written a jQuery plugin for it.
  • Minify your javascript files when running in release mode
  • Try to reduce the number of AJAX requests: for example prefer one AJAX request which sends/receives bigger data compared to multiple AJAX requests with smaller data.
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in addition you should make a single js file. Here are some other good advices, blog.stevensanderson.com/2011/07/22/… hanselman.com/blog/… –  user571646 Aug 31 '11 at 9:07
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