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I am using Richfaces and I am trying to make an <textArea> with maxlength atrribute set but JSF seems not to pass the maxlength attribute from h:inputTextArea. Any ideas why this is happening?

<h:inputTextarea maxlength="100" cols="20" rows="10" value="#{bean.description}" id="description" />
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maxlength doesn't exists on h:inputTextarea (see doc).

To add a validator message, try

<h:inputTextarea >
  <f:validateLength maximum="100"></f:validateLength>
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Ok so is there any way to pass such an atrribute? I tried <f:attribute >but that did not work. I have a javascript function that disallows entering more than "maxlength" characters in the textArea –  Wojtek O. Aug 31 '11 at 8:37
Using javascript, you can try something like <h:inputTextarea onkeyup="return checkMaxLength(this.value.length, 100);"> with function checkMaxLength(length, maxLength){return length<=maxLength;}. Be careful, I haven't try this code, but follow the idea... –  Jean-Charles Aug 31 '11 at 9:14

Our solution was to put an extra span immediately in front of the textarea that contained the maxlength number.

<span class="maxlength">35</span>

You give that class a "display: none;" rule to hide it. Then you use JavaScript to find each span.maxlength and move the number inside of it into the maxlength attribute of the textarea (using jQuery):

    $this = $(this);

Once that's done, run your other JavaScript that limits typing in textareas.

Hacky? Yes. But JSF not supporting maxlength is hacky.

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This is not really a RichFaces issue but concerns JSF. It's also been answered better before. see @BalusC 's answer JSF 2.0: limit length for h:inputTextarea

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