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I'm currently starting with the development of a new WPF application where I use Unity as a DI container. As of now, I'm doing DI like this in the App.xaml.cs

protected override void OnStartup(StartupEventArgs e)
        var container = new UnityContainer();
        UnityConfigurationSection section = (UnityConfigurationSection)ConfigurationManager.GetSection("unity");
        container = (UnityContainer)section.Configure(container);
        WPFUnityContainer.Instance = container;

        var mainwindow = new MainWindow();
        var mainmodel = container.Resolve<ViewModel.MainWindowViewModel>();
        mainwindow.DataContext = mainmodel;


The MainWindowViewModel's ctr looks like this:

public MainWindowViewModel(IUserRepository userRepository, IGroupRepository groupRepository)
        this._ManagementWorkSpaces = new ObservableCollection<WorkspaceViewModel>();
        this._ManagementWorkSpaces.Add(new ManageApplicationsViewModel());
        this._ManagementWorkSpaces.Add(new ManageUserViewModel(userRepository, groupRepository));


Now let's have a look at the ManageUserViewModel:

public ManageUserViewModel(IUserRepository userRepository, IGroupRepository groupRepository)

      this._ManageGroupsCommand = new DelegateCommand(() =>
            LookupGroupDialogViewModel vm=new LookupGroupDialogViewModel(groupRepository);
            View.LookupGroupDialogWindow vw=new View.LookupGroupDialogWindow();
            ModalDialogService.Service.ShowDialog(vw, vm, returnedVM =>
                    if (returnedVM.SelectedGroup!=null)


As you can see I'm injecting the groupRepository only to pass it on to the LookUpGroupDialogViewModel. I could leave the IGroupRepository out of the ManageUserViewModel's ctr and resolve it directly through the container but I think that violates the hollywood principle. How can I, in WPF, resolve all my dependencies so that the container calls me ? :)

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It looks to me as if the View Models you are adding to the _ManagementWorkSpaces must have some sort of common abstraction (unless the collection is completely untyped and simply accepts any object) - I'm assuming that this is the WorkspaceViewModel type.

This means that you can neatly solve your problem by changing the constructor to look like this:

public MainWindowViewModel(ObservableCollection<WorkspaceViewModel> workSpaces)
    this._ManagementWorkSpaces = workSpaces;

Let your Composition Root worry about how the ObservableCollection<WorkspaceViewModel> instance is resolved.

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Yes, you're right :) Nice! –  hoetz Aug 31 '11 at 8:35

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