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When running a simple HelloWorld phonegap project , on iPhone 4 with 4.3.2 OS it works great

But when I tried to run it on iPhone 3 with 3.1.3 OS I have came across with a problem with the CoreMedia lib which i needed to 'weak' in the build settings.

Once I worked this one out, I came across with a whole new problem which I couldn't find a solution for:

dyld: Symbol not found: _UIAccessbilityAnnouncmentNotifcation .... Excpeted in /SystemLibrary/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/UIKIT

Both Project and Target Deployment Target is 3.1

Any idea's? Thanks in advance Guy.

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sorry for necromancing, i'm just answering if you still have this problem or someone else encounters it. The following solution may help:

This is covered in the README FAQ. Basically you need to weak link three frameworks for iOS 3.x:
1. CoreMedia
2. AVFoundation
3. UIKit

Try that and see if that solves your problem. 


Hope this helps!

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