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I've a new problem with photo tagging in facebook rest api... I'm using photo.addTag with the correct parameter but the response give me an error "Invalid photo tag subject"

How can i fix it? Thanks FRIEND_UID&x=0&y=0&owner_uid= OWNER_UID&access_token=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&format=json

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Also new graph api TAG function give me that error "(#322) Invalid photo tag subject".... What's the problem? :( For me all parameters are ok... and some months ago it worked fine – Enricosoft Aug 31 '11 at 9:43

the new graph api has a different parameter, you have to change "tag_uid" to "to", as described here:

(see the section about tags)

can you present the full code of your call to the graph api? would be easier to help you then.

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