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I have to migrate the shelveset created in one branch say "development" to another say "release". so that I can directly merge the shelveset then to release which was created for development branch.

the command I have used is:

tfpt unshelve "shelveset name" /migrate /source:"$...development" /target:"$...Release"

it is showing this error:

unable to determine the workspace
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for me it was that I had two Powertools version installed. I had to uninstall the old one so only the newest one (2012) was left. Also the powertools version doesn't reference the TFS version (as we are using 2010) –  Boris Callens Apr 18 '14 at 13:33

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Your location from where you launch the command must be from within your workspace. E.g. c:\workspaces\project\development if thats where your source is located.

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For anyone landing here in future, I've written a blog post that covers moving a shelveset from one branch to another: http://benjii.me/2014/04/move-shelveset-to-different-branch-in-tfs/

It covers this problem, along with a couple of other gotchas that I ran into.

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Excellent guide, thanks! –  Rita Apr 15 at 8:37

I guess you question is: How can I get the job done without this error occurring?. In that case, make sure both branches are mapped to your local system and a latest version of your source code in you did a get-latest-version.

That should prevent the error from happening, because the paths then both contain information about the workspace used for the mapping.

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Not sure this will solve your problem (or you may be aware of it) but here is the link for Unshelve command details and note the points mentioned for specifying source/target paths

Unshelve command basics

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I ran into the same issue today. After checking the items below I got it working:

  • Have only one Powertools installed.
  • Run the command from a Developer Command Prompt
  • Run the command from the folder that is mapped to your target workspace.

I had to uninstall v. 2010 so only v. 2012 remained. The version numbers doesn't seem to reference your TFS version.
To check if you are at the correct folder, you can run tf workspace.
In the window that pops up find the workspace that you want to target and check in column Local Folder. Make sure you are in that folder.

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I concur. I have read many posts on this and have tried the various fixes but I am convinced that it is multiple existing versions of TFPT even existing on your system (regardless of how you reference them) that causes this error to occur, and because of that I strongly suspect this is a bug in the Power Tools code. –  paulyphonic Aug 2 '14 at 1:00

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