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i am really new to java, and jsp. so it is understandable that i cant really understand the scope of parameters here is my code:

<%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8" %>
     String sRony= new String();
     void func() {
        sRony += " - add in func() - ";
     if (request.getParameter("ron")!= null){
         sRony = request.getParameter("ron");
     if (request.getParameter("sleep")!= null){

  <%=sRony%><%= new java.util.Date() %>

the problem is that this code is not thread safe. if you'll surf to


and at the same time to


both page will print the "no_sleep", cause the parameter sRony is global. if i'll remove the ! from <%! the parameter sRony will not be recognized inside void func() i cant figure out how can i declare a parameter that will be per request, and will have the scope inside my function. not sure if my platform is important information, i am working on redhat 5.5 64 bit, glassfish server 3. any help ?

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use pagescope and use JSTL instead javacode

<c:set var="name1" value="value1" scope="page" />
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