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I am quite new to the Actor model, that's why I think there are already established patterns addressing my common-looking scenario with such beautiful composable abstractions as actors and futures.

I have asynchronous operations with the following requirements:

  • They use a legacy system by sending out a low-level request and then monitoring the state of the entity with polling. So the result of an actual operation is only available in a deferred way, requesters have to be notified when the observed state reaches the desired state.
  • These operations can be issued only after some other operations are finished, for which they should wait in parallel.
  • The operations can be cancelled. Of course, already issued low-level requests cannot be undone; cancellation means don't issue the actual operation after the operations which we depend on finished, and of course this has to be propagated recursively (if we wait for a dependency, and it has multiple pending operations, don't issue them).

I'm thinking in Futures: the first requirement can be solved with e.g. Akka's map/flatMap, the second with the traverse combinator without maintaining dependencies/dependents procedurally. But I can't think of a solution for cancellation; futures cannot be cancelled, and if composed, their components are not reachable. How to encapsulate "cancel the current operation" in a functional way? Does any of the Actor frameworks for Scala support this?

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Why this question only has 1 up vote is beyond my comprehension. And after almost 3 years, there is still no good answer. – axiopisty May 29 '14 at 16:34

Use Listeners:

Make an Actor that uses Listeners to propagate the state of the polling to any and all listeners. Then you can use message-passing looping to reinitiate the polling.

class MyActor extends Actor with Listeners {

  override def preStart {
    self ! 'poll //Start looping on start

  def receive = listenerManagement orElse {
    case 'poll => val result = pollYourExternalDude()
    self ! 'poll //Loop

You can then stop the actor using either stop or sending the PoisonPill.

Does that help?

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Thank you for the pointer, meanwhile I studied the Akka docs more deeply and I edited the question accordingly. Futures and composing them are great but still do not solve cancellation. If I have to maintain listeners manually, I'll choose this way. – thSoft Sep 8 '11 at 9:52
If you only use Futures you can have a Future that signals cancellation, so if it's completed it's cancelled, then check for that when you do your calculation? – Viktor Klang Sep 8 '11 at 13:49

Guava's ListenableFutures support cancellation to a level when bound together (but not when combined from a collection).

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