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I have local my projects open in visual studio 2010. And also copy this project to IIS folder in remote hosting. Cause in hosting directory I don't have VS so I copy there remote debugger application. I connect from my Visual Studio to IIS process on hosting, but any of breakpoints not fire.

Why ?

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I had the same issue when I connected using the Transport in the "Attach to Process" dialog set to "Remote (native only with no authentication)". I was able to connect to the IIS process (w3wp.exe for IIS6 on Win2K3), but no breakpoints were hit when I navigated within the web app.

To get it working, I changed the Transport to "Default". Then I ran into numerous issues with successfully connecting to the Visual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor. But once I resolved them all and was able to get the list of processes from the remote machine, I could connect to W3WP.exe and voila, my breakpoints started working and I was able to debug normally.

You don't provide much detail on your local and remote configuration, so this just a guess whether it might help.

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+1 This helped me with the same situation. – W.Jackson Jul 12 '12 at 15:01

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