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I have a SWT table which wrapped by the JFace TableViewer, but this problem also applies to org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Table.

When I use a StyledCellLabelProvider, the text is always left aligned, even when I use


Here is the label provider and setup:

TableViewerColumn colA = new TableViewerColumn(measureTable, SWT.NONE);
colA.setLabelProvider(new StyledCellLabelProvider() {
    public void update(ViewerCell cell) {
        ModelItem item = (ModelItem) cell.getElement();

Any sort of workaround would be great. For e.g, nesting a widget inside the table and right aligning the text in the widget somehow.

Platform: Windows 7

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You found a bug in StyledCellLabelProvider. It will not occur with any other CellLabelProvider.

StyledCellLabelProvider uses "owner draw" for drawing the Table cells. That means, the cell content is not drawn natively by the OS. It is drawn in an SWT.PaintItem event by the Table "owner".

StyledCellLabelProvider does not respect the alignment of the TableColumn. You can see the source here, the method getTextLayoutForInfo(.) is of interest.

A workaround could be to copy that class, fix the bug by adding

TableColumn col = ((Table)viewer.getControl()).getColumn(cell.getColumnIndex());

in the method getTextLayoutForInfo(.) (I didn't test this fix, but if it doesn't work, you should get the idea, and be able to make it work)

You should also add a bug report: Eclipse Bugzilla

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I am not sure why I was even using StyledCellLabelProvider, I just changed it to use CellLabelProvider and the alignment worked... Thanks a lot. – geejay Sep 1 '11 at 8:47

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