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Relationship relation = new Relationship("campaignlist_association");
Entity campaign = (from c in orgServiceContext.CreateQuery("campaign")
               select c).FirstOrDefault<Entity>();
foreach (Guid id in listsMarketingGuid)
    Entity list = (from l in orgServiceContext.CreateQuery("list")
               where l["listid"].Equals(id)
               select l).FirstOrDefault<Entity>();
    orgServiceContext.AddLink(campaign, relation, list);
    orgServiceContext.AddLink(list, relation, campaign);

I would like to add a relation between a marketing list and a campaign but when the SaveChanges statment is executed I got an error "Associate is not supported for CampaignItem". Do you any idea ? Thanks

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use Associate method as for building relationship:


where EntityLogicalName is name of entity EntityId is id of entity relationship:wat kind of relationship relatedentities:to which entiites u want to build relation of above entity.

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it needs to call method AddItemCampaignRequest

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Where did you find "AddItemCampaignRequest"? – Joao Leme May 3 '13 at 13:15

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