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is there a way to locate a specific file in the fielview of director via a shell command?

I open a file (test.php) like this in dreamweaver, using an other application:

"C:\Program Files\Dreamweaver.exe c:\test.php"

But the fileview listing the local files does not jump to the opened file.

Maybe I can write a script and launch this script via shell to locate the file in the fileview?

Thanks for help or hints!

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Can I ask what the specific reason(s) that you want to have the file selected? There may be other options for you depending on what you actually trying to accomplish. – Danilo Celic Sep 1 '11 at 0:12
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I assume that you're talking about having the file opened via the command line automatically become selected in the Files panel.

I am aware of no documented method of getting Dreamweaver to perform operations from the command line.

About the closest you're going to easily get to would be to assign a keyboard shortcut to Site -> Locate in Site via Edit (Dreamweaver on Mac?) -> Keyboard Shortcuts. I'm not aware of it, but there may be some way to send an a specific application keystrokes via the command line.

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Hi there. Thanks for your hint 'Site -> Locate in Site'. That helps me much! – Ilyssis Sep 1 '11 at 9:51

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