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I would like to know the best web service for live currency exchange from INR to USD and how to use with

Thanks in Advance.

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go to this link

and use YQL services, you can have more rates and various retrieve type (XML and JSON)

for using the retrieved data read about Ajax and JQuery or u can use my bellow code.

use firebug in Firefox browser to see the live data in the console tab

setInterval("AjaxCall()", 3000 );
var urlSrevice = "*";
AjaxCall = function salam(){
        type: "GET",
        url: urlSrevice,
        dataType: "xml",
                var Name = $(this).find('Name').text();
                var Rate = $(this).find('Rate').text();
                var Date = $(this).find('Date').text();
                var Time = $(this).find('Time').text();
                var Ask = $(this).find('Ask').text();
                var Bid = $(this).find('Bid').text();
                console.log($(this).find('Name').text() + " " + Rate.toString() + " " + Date + " " + Time + " " + Ask + " " + Bid);


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I don't know of any free web service. Also I don't know of something with live data to the minute.

However, for example the European Central Bank releases a daily xml with the exchange rate. This code paste every data to a database, you can customize it to only get the INR to USD:

public class CurrencyUpdate : IHttpHandler
   public bool IsReusable
   { get { return true; } }
   public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext ctx)
       NumberFormatInfo nfi = new CultureInfo("en-US", false).NumberFormat;
       XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create("");
       string code = "";
       decimal rate = 0;
       while (reader.ReadToFollowing("Cube"))

           if (reader.AttributeCount==2)
               rate =  decimal.Parse(reader.GetAttribute("rate").ToString(),nfi);
               code = reader.GetAttribute("currency").ToString();

               // FunctionToAddCodeAndRateToTheDataBase(code , rate);             

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