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The Url for my development environment is:


I am using jQuery & getJSON to perform some ajax actions on my site, which work fine all the time I specify the url as:


..but this is not ideal as I don't want to hardcode my development url into my seperate jQuery include files.

When the site goes live, it'll be fine to have controller/action or /controller/action as the url as that will resolve ok, but for the development site, it's no go.

I've tried:


..but this returns a 404, which suprised me as I thought the lack of / at the front of the url would prevent from looking at the website root.

There must be a neat solution to this?

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I would do this by inserting a global constant in my HTML header:

<script type="text/javascript">
  var BASE_URL = '/mysite/';

That would be inserted from your server so it can be dynamically changed. Later in your script, you'll be able to make AJAX requests with (jQuery style here):

$.ajax( BASE_URL + '/controller/action', ...);
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If you're in


then the correct relative path to



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Unfortunately, it's not always going to be called from the same path, and so whilst the ../../ will work in some areas - it will fail in others. –  marcusstarnes Aug 31 '11 at 19:21
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