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I am working on Android app that should simulate browser request, load reasons.
I have successfully recorded all the traffic on the device.
My question:
Could I start WebKit engine and send URL to start navigate, I doesn't need the response to be rendered or to see the browser at all?


  1. start WebKit engine without UI.
  2. use WebKit API to start navigate.
  3. get response saved in file/DB/or any other storage.

Is that Possible?

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Depends exactly what you want and what your requirements are.

If you want to just request a URL via HTTP and retrieve the result, you could use HttpGet.

If you want to simulate fetching a page, as a browser would - including fetching all images, stylesheets, scripts and other data on it - you could use an invisible WebView

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Hi Dave, webview.loadUrl(""); give me the wanted solution, Thanks. – kimo Aug 31 '11 at 13:00

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