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I'm using HtmlPage.RegisterCreateableType method to call some C# code from javascript. In MSDN documentation they say:

Registers a managed type as available for creation from JavaScript code, through the Content.services.createObject and Content.services.createManagedObject helper methods

There isn't more explanation about these two methods and I don't know what are the differences. Anybody knows differences between these methods?

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Tons of information on both of these methods here.

createObject Description: Given a registered scriptAlias, this method returns a script wrapper for the corresponding managed type.

createManagedObject Description: Given the typeName of the target .NET Framework type, this method creates a default instance of the type by using either a parameterless constructor (for reference types) or the default value representation (for value types).

Basically, you use createObject if you have a script alias to an object. If you just need to create an instance of a type of object you use createManagedObject.

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