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I want to paste some text to a pastebin site through the site's API.

As I have figured out (I have limited knowledge of programming) I need two things: First to process the selected text and then to post it via HTTP POST to the pastebin site.

I tried to do this...

javascript:'<body%20onload="document.forms[0].submit()"><form%20method="post"%20action=""><input%20type="hidden"%20name="sprunge"%20value="+ document.getSelection() +"></form>'

....which (you guessed it!) returns to me EVERY TIME a page in which the selected text being "+ document.getSelection() +".

Any help?

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You have to make a form programmatically, add the fields required and then post -- all in JavaScript.

Here is an example -- you will at least have to change the URL and the fieldname:

<a href="
        var myform = document.createElement('form');

        /* change this URL: */

        /* The goodies go here: */
        var myin=document.createElement('input');
        /* Change the fieldname here: */

        /* If you need another field for username etc: */

">Bookmarklet for posting selected text to an online pastebin</a>

The above compacted without comments and linebreaks:

<a href="javascript:(function(){var myform = document.createElement('form'); myform.method='post'; myform.action=''; var myin=document.createElement('input'); myin.setAttribute('name','fieldname_for_pasted_text'); myin.setAttribute('value',document.getSelection()); myform.appendChild(myin); myin=document.createElement('input'); myin.setAttribute('name','some_field_1'); myin.setAttribute('value','some_field_value_1'); myform.appendChild(myin); myform.submit();})()">Bookmarklet for posting selected text to an online pastebin</a>

I'm not familiar with, but if you've got the URL and fieldname right in your example, you could get this to work by search-replace:

You should also remove the second field (some_field_1, somefield_value_1) included in my example.

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