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I would like to have a method called feed in my User model that returns all the entries from two tables (discussions, exchanges).

In User.rb

 def feed
    SELECT * FROM discussions, exchanges GROUP BY created_at

This doesn't work, i get a problem in rails console

 syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting '='

Can anyone show me how to write SQL in here? Basically I want to return and sort entries from two different tables..

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You need to provide tables' fields in order to be able to write the proper sql statement. – Andrey Aug 31 '11 at 13:53

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if you want actual ActiveRecord objects you can try the following

def feed
  exchanges = Exchange.all
  discussions = Discussion.all

  (exchanges + discussions).sort! { |a, b| a.created_at <=> b.created_at }

this is quite ineffective, as the sorting could be done in sql, but ActiveRecord cannot instantiate records selected from different tables (you can somehow override this by using STI)

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thanks - have a great day – jay Aug 31 '11 at 15:12

Firstly - you can't just write plain SQL in your ruby code and expect it to work.

It's ruby, not SQL. They are different languages. If you can - use the ruby-way with associations instead (as per the other example).

However - if you desperately need to use raw SQL (eg you have legavy tables that don't match to models or have some complex combination-logic in teh SQL that doesn't easily map to assocations); then you need to pass SQL to the database... which means using a connection via Active Record.


def feed
  ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("SELECT * FROM discussions, exchanges GROUP BY created_at")

It will not return ruby models for you - just a raw results-object. I'd recommend trying this in script/console and then doing a "puts my_user.feed.inspect" to have a look at the kind of thing it returns so you know how to use it.

Note: the presence of this kind of thing is considered a strong code smell - only use it where you really need it

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:) and yet you tried it in your code... and that is why I answered and explained why it doesn't work that way – Taryn East Feb 9 '14 at 8:23

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