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Is there something I can wrap around the body of my jquery include file to prevent it from being included twice? My problem is that my application has multiple includes and I want to prevent jquery from being referenced in multiple includes and breaking.

My thoughts would be to open my jquery file (jquery-1.4.2.js) and put some sort of logic around the entire block of jquery library code.

Something like:

if (jQueryIsAlreadyIncluded()) { //jquery library code {(function(A,w){function ma(){if(!c.......


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Try this

if(typeof jQuery == 'undefined'){
   //jquery library code {(function(A,w){function ma(){if(!c.......
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Hmmmmm Boilerplate does this when using the googleapi jquery, so you could use it for local files too

    <script>window.jQuery || document.write('<script src="yourpathtojquery"><\/script>')</script>

This is only for jquery itself though, otherwise you could set some variables and then in each library check if the variable is set, if not include, else exclude.....

    //Your javascript here....

    Mylib = true;
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if (typeof jQuery === undefined) {

    // jQuery code

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This will throw an error (jQuery is not defined). You should check for typeof –  ShankarSangoli Aug 31 '11 at 13:58

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