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I'm using Solr 3.4 and FieldCollapsing. I would like to group all messages using FieldCollapsing.

Per default, every group contains only 1 message.

I can modify the numbers of documents per group by changing the Parameter group.limit. That's a bit inconveniently for grouping all available messages to specific groups.

Is there a way to set group.limit to infinite?

The current workaround is to set group.limit to an very high value, which isn't an satisfying solution.

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Altough Solr is very good at finding the top documents that match a query, it is bad at retrieving lots of documents. What is your use case ? Does your data reside somewhere else (text files? a database?) where this partition could be performed more efficiently? –  jpountz Sep 1 '11 at 10:17

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You can set group.limit to -1. Then you will get infinite documents per group.

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Hi ReinierDG. That's it! Thank you! By playing around with this options I found an important notice: using group.limit=-1 seams to "disable" caching behavior. (or empty the cache or4 whatever) With group.limit=200 followed by group.limit=20 (and so on) caching works fine. Using -1 I need all the time hundreds of milliseconds to get the result. So finally for me it's faster to use group.limit=1000000 than group.limit=-1 –  The Bndr Sep 14 '12 at 7:42

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