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it seems that the window.focus event does not trigger in Chrome.

 jQuery(window).focus(function () {
    //your logic

It works on both IE and FF. I read somewhere that blur may be an alternative for this in Chrome. If thats true, how do I make sure it runs only for Chrome. I don't want this logic to run twice on both IE and FF.

Update: Based on one anwser below, I can probably detect the browser, but it still does not seem to work with the blur event. Anyone knows what I can use in chrome corresponding to the focus event?

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Read this post it will show you how tell which browser the user is using:

Distinguish Chrome from Safari using jQuery.browser

If a problem is in chrome then in most cases it's a webkit problem (safari aswell) so you could do a condition to check the browser:

 if ($.browser.webkit) {
    //webkit code here
 } else {
    //normal code here
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jQuery(window).bind('focus', function () {
    // your logic .

if you use bind, it seems to work fine in chrome as well. I'm using this in a modalpopupcontainer which makes it more complex. Anyway, it is working now.

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