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I have task to implement HTML renderer. That's ok, i have used javax.swing.text.html.HTMLDocument. Now i have to implement custom view for HTML tags:

  1. <u> - wavy underline
  2. <b> - usual bold style + text shadow

I've tried:

    pane = new JTextPane();
    add(new JScrollPane(pane));

    StyledEditorKit kit = new HTMLEditorKit() {
      public Document createDefaultDocument() {
        HTMLDocument doc = new CustomHTMLDocument(getStyleSheet());
        StyleSheet sheet = doc.getStyleSheet();
        sheet.addRule("b {text-shadow: #6374AB 14px -6px 2px; }");
        return doc;

But this doesn't work. Can anybody help me with this ?

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Try this to add your own custom tag in the HTMLEditorKit

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Swing's HTML/CSS rendering is extremely basic. I am not surprised that it supports neither of the 'wavy underline' nor 'text shadow'.

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