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Given this:

class foo 
    public XmlNode[] Any { get;set;}

What's the easiest way to do this:

foo f = new foo();
f.Any  = "some text content";

The above sample is an simplification, the actual class is a bound class generated by XSD.exe with an xs:any element.

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This is one approach:

foo f = new foo();
f.Any  = new XmlNode[] 
                new XmlDocument().CreateTextNode("some text content")

This seems to be the simplest method I can find.

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Any is an array of XmlNode so clearly you cannot assign a string to it.

you could assign a new array and then you can put XmlNode instances inside by index.

if I had to do something similar I would have a collection instead of an array and I would initialize the collection in the Foo's constructor.

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You can actually assign text to an xs:any, but iwhen bound via xsd.exe it's created as a XmlNode array which must be filled with a single element of XmlText containing the text content, yet XmlText has no public constructor and it seems it's only possible to create via an instance method on XmlDocument! –  Dog Ears Aug 31 '11 at 22:02

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