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Im trying to wrap the gloox library in objective-c. I have read this article Making a Objective-C Wrapper for a C++ Library and it is fairly straight forward however it does not cover classes that are inside a namespace. Any thoughts on how to use the technique in the article above only with a namespace? Thanks for the help!

[edit] Think I figured it out add

#ifdef __cplusplus
namespace gloox {
class Client;
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I think the obvious should work when compiled as objective C++:

#if defined __cplusplus
namespace Foo { class MyCPPClass; }   // forward class declaration
/*not sure here*/ /*namespace Foo { typedef struct MyCPPClass MyCPPClass;  }*/ // forward struct declaration

@interface MyOCClass : NSObject
    Foo::MyCPPClass* cppObject;

// methods and properties


The Qt project has a lot of examples for mixing C++ and Objective-C.

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There is also another method I found where you wrap the instance declaration in #ifdef as well. – Trent Ahrens Aug 31 '11 at 15:41
Cool, can you accept the answer if it works? – silverjam Sep 1 '11 at 18:49

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