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I can't figure out where the C# helper class goes in my project (using VS2010). I'm following the tutorial at but it's in PHP. In this context, is "rpx.php" analogous to "rpx.aspx", "rpx.aspx.cs", or "rpx.cs"? Know what I mean?

Or, does anyone know of a C# Janrain tutorial/example? That would keep me from posting my next dozen questions. Thanks in advance!

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The php file will be most closely analogous to the code behind file rpx.aspx.cs.

Though, in the .NET world, both the .aspx and the .aspx.cs files are closely related.

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In this case, you would create an rpx.aspx page which would then handle the process in the code-behind.

However, since you are using VS.NET 2010 (and therefore, ASP.NET 4), There are two things I'd recommend, either creating an IHttpHandler implementation or using Routing in ASP.NET to create a "pretty" URL that links to an ASPX page.

Either way, you would handle the callback from Janrain in your IHttpHandler/ASPX page, verifying the token and then redirecting to an appropriate page.

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Thanks! For clarification, you're suggesting I use routing to land the user on some page (Default.aspx?id=somedude) that pulls their unique content from the db, etc., post authentication? – America Aug 31 '11 at 15:14
@America: No, I'm suggesting you use routing for the callback page you give to Janrain; the code-behind of that page will redirect to whatever page you want once you've handled the response from Janrain (this usually involves a redirect back to the page the user was looking at). – casperOne Aug 31 '11 at 15:33

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