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I have a table that has a textfield for inputing numeric values. This field is in a repeated row table. The field id is 'amount'. I want to add all values in the text fields with ID 'amount' and display the sum in a textfield called 'totals' which is in a seperate table but in the same form. I have limited experience with jquery and I actually managed to create and delete a table row from reading posts on stack overflow. I tried using each() but it only works with the first row which is the default row.

        alert("It works.");

        //$('#description tr:last').after('<tr>...</tr>');
         $('#description tr:last').after('<tr><td align="center"><label for="description"></label><input name="description"type="text"style="background-color:#CCC;" id="description" size="70"/></td><td align="center"><label for="amount"></label><input type="text"style="background-color:#CCC;"name="amount"id="amount"/></td><td>&nbsp;</td><td>&nbsp;</td></tr>');


The code for adding values is this one(got it from a site):

 $("#amount").each(function() {

    function calculateSum()

    var sum = 0;
    //iterate through each textboxes and add the values
    $("#amount").each(function() {

        //add only if the value is number
        if(!isNaN(this.value) && this.value.length!=0) {
            sum += parseFloat(this.value);

    //.toFixed() method will roundoff the final sum to 2 decimal places

However as stated, It only works with the first default row that was loaded with the html. Values I input after adding a row using jquery doesn't get summed up.

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This is because you are using an id where you should be using a class i think.

$("#amount") //using each here makes no sense as you have only one element returned

matches only the first id while


would match all the occurences. Try to change your html accordingly and everything should work

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Didn't work. Changed everything to a class. The problem is it doesn't add up values that I input in rows that I have created on the fly. I think the sum function should iterate all over the html and add up fields with id\class 'amount' – MaxI Aug 31 '11 at 15:17
Can you post an example on – Nicola Peluchetti Aug 31 '11 at 16:14

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