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I dont know since when this happened, maybe after the upgrade to Mac OS Lion and Xcode 4.1. But I am not sure.

I have quite a large project for iOS which is constrained by the Game Center / Game Kit. I get straight to the point: On the simulator I just can not connect to the Game Center anymore. Even when I open up the "Game Center"-App on the simulator and click on "Create Account" for example I get the error message: "Game Center account services are currently unavailable. Please try again later."

I already googled for a few days, here is what I tried:

  • I configured my router like Apple says in the documentation, although it did work before the configuations a few weeks ago. I also checked different networks / Routers.

  • I completely deleted the XCode Developer tools (the whole /Developer/-Folder) and the iPhone Simulator cahce in ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator and reinstalled everything

  • of course I resettet the device plenty of times

The Simulator has an internet-connection. When I open up Safari I can browse the net.

Thank you, I really would apprecheate any help or advice! Fabian

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Fabian, I'm having this EXACT same problem. It happened after I upgraded OSX to Lion and XCode to 4.1; If you find the problem please post an answer here. I can't find any help in google either. – Damian Sep 4 '11 at 3:32
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According to this thread:

the solution should be to reset your hosts file (in /private/etc/hosts) and the connection should work again

default hosts file should look like this:

# Host Database
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
# when the system is booting.  Do not change this entry.
##       localhost broadcasthost
::1             localhost
fe80::1%lo0     localhost

anyway, it would be helpful, if you provide us some debug, like

NSLog(@"%@",[error description])

where error is of type NSError from NSHTTPURLResponse sendSynchronousRequest:

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oh my god, I could have thought about this earlier! Thank you very very much Marek Sebera!!! I had some manual entries from connections I tried to avoid in my hosts .... One of these connections must have disabled game center -.- This took so much time .... Thanks again! I love Stackoverflow ;-) – Fabi Sep 6 '11 at 10:30
I'm glad to help you. If my answer is correct, please, mark it as right answer, see FAQ: stackoverflow.com/faq#howtoask – Marek Sebera Sep 6 '11 at 10:33
+50 incoming in ~1h – Filip Radelic Sep 6 '11 at 13:35
THANKS A LOT!! This was driving me crazy. In my case the two lines in the hosts file that was causing the problem was: " CRL.VERISIGN.NET" and " OCSP.SPO1.VERISIGN.COM". I don't think I've added that. – Damian Sep 6 '11 at 20:53
Removed " CRL.VERISIGN.NET" and it worked for me too. Thanks a lot! – anka Jan 21 '12 at 23:39

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