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I am looking for suggestions for the best way to document a replication configuration.

Currently the documentation is done in Excel (this sucks), where each dB has a tab & each table is listed in the corresponding dB tab, with how it is replicated to/from the data center...etc.

What is the best way (dynamic creation would be GREAT) to do this?

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documentations? some shops would be envious of yous... –  KM. Aug 31 '11 at 15:13

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I would suggest to look at data from system tables and use them for documentation

Which objects in the database are published?

Publish DB

  • SELECT * FROM sysarticles
  • SELECT * FROM syspublications

Distribution DB

  • Use Distribution
  • GO
  • SELECT * FROM distribution..mspublications


  • USE SubscriptionDB
  • SELECT * FROM MSsubscriptions
  • SELECT * FROM MSsubscriber_info

Hope it Helps.

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