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The following code:

var ResultSet= { 'ResultSetName': "Resultset1",
    Values: [ { Val1: 1, Val2: 2, Val3: 'SomeName' } ] }

var AllResults= { 'MyListName': 'SomeList', 'MyResults': { Results: [] } }



Produces the output:

{ Results: [ { ResultSetName: 'Resultset1', Values: [Object] } ] }

However I would expect it to produce something like:

{ Results: [ { ResultSetName: 'Resultset1', Values: [Object] } ] }
[ { Val1: 1, Val2: 2, Val3: 'SomeName' } ]

What Am I missing? Why is the array contained in the object not copied? What would be the correct way to achieve the desired result?

(I'm using node.js 1.8.2, but I het the same behavior in a browser)

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AllResults is an object.
AllResults.MyResults is an object
AllResults.MyResults.Results is an array

AllResults.MyResults.Results[0] is your ResultSet object.

console.log(AllResults.MyResults.Results[0].Values); //This is where your Values object ended up.
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