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I need to add custom editor for my created sharepoint field. How can i set control both for edit mode and preview mode. Will be two different controls!

I found that i can override FieldRenderingControl. But how to determine that current mode is edit or preview?


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In your custom field render control (BaseFieldControl) check on the member "ControlMode", which is of type SPControlMode.

protected override void CreateChildControls()

  if (ControlMode == SPControlMode.Display)
    // create controls for display view form
    // create controls for edit/new form

Also have a look on the methods "GetFieldValueAsText()" and "GetFieldValueAsHtml()" inherited from SPField. Since the are used to display the fields content in non-form location. For instance in list view or in the version history.

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Thanks. This is exactly what i am looking for. – Evgeny Sep 1 '11 at 8:56

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