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Dear fellow Windows CE developers,

in my current project i need support for German keyboard layout on my Windows CE device. Setting the locale accordingly the software keyboard input driver still doesn't offer a QWERTZ layout.

since the system is correctly localized i think the necessary files are available in a standard VS 2005 with Windows CE 6 r3 sources.

How do I change the locale/layout of software input panel (SIP) in WinCE 6 r3?

i'd appreciate answers about this detail, that already ate up quite some time for me! have a nice day!

relevant registry keys:





"Keyboard Layout"="00000407"


i came also across setting up a new layout key. however i don't know, if the correct layout is implicitly compiled to the kbdmouse.dll (which is the standard for US layout).

"Layout File"="kdbmouse.dll"
"Layout Text"="My QWERTZ Keyboard"
"KPPLayout"="kdbmouse.dll"          ;no clue what this key defines :(
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