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Would someone recommend an example of a good API (.NET) overview documentation. I don't mean, chm file with all the method/classes, but actual overview with diagrams, explanation, tutorial, etc., preferably commercial...


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If you want a very big overview, how about .NET Framework 3.5 Commonly Used Type and Namespaces? it doesn't come with brief explanations anyway ..

alt text

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There is a poster of the .Net Framework Class Library, but obviously that is very high level and is no where near a tutorial.

The library is so big I don't think you'll find simple tutorials very useful if you want to cover all of it, is there a specific area you are interested in (UI, Web, DB etc)? - someone may be able to recommend specific books.

If you want to know how .Net itself works Richter is a great book, and Box is also recommended (but I have not read the latter).

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