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I am using 000host as my server which is Unix. I need a program compiled but I am running windows on my computer... here is the program: http://www.weather.gov/mdl/degrib/howto.php

here is how to compile it: http://www.weather.gov/mdl/degrib/compile.php?os=unix

As far as i am aware, i cannot do this via windows. Would someone be willing to do it for me so i can use the program on my server? If i am able to somehow do it, could you let me know how?

thanks or the help!

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Have you compiling on your 000host unix server. Is there some problem with that? A binary compiled on another "UNIX" is unlikely to work unless they were pretty compiled on a machine with identical UNIX version and libraries. If at all you want to compile elsewhere just looking for "UNIX" won't do, you'll have to be more detailed than that.

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how would i compile on the 000host server. im not sure i know what you mean –  daniel Aug 31 '11 at 16:40
Do you have ssh / telnet access? If not can you get it? –  jman Aug 31 '11 at 18:08

There are various utilities available to interact with UNIX server from windows machine. Some of the utilities are: 1. TELNET 2. PUTTY

Using above utilities you can log in to UNIX machine and then with the help UNIX shell prompt you can follow compile steps.

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