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I have what should be a really simple problem in Dancer: I have an array of names, and I'd like to print each one in a template. These names come from an outside source (not a database). However, when I try to do a foreach over the list in the template, I only get the first value.


use Dancer;
use Template;

set 'template' => 'template_toolkit';

get '/' => sub {
    my @list = ("one","two","three");
    template '', {
            'values' => @list,

And template:

    <%FOREACH item IN values %>
        <li><% item %></li>

This only outputs a list with a single item, "one". What am I missing?

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The expression 'values' => @list expands to a list that contains "values" "one" "two" "three", so you should try with a reference to the array instead:

template '', {
        'values' => [@list],

The above still copies @list and returns a reference. If you want to fetch a reference to the already existing array, use \@list.

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I'll wager it's because you have to pass an array reference to the 'values':

template '', {
        'values' => \@list,

Otherwise the list gets expanded and you're actually passing:

template '', {
        'values' => $list[0],
        $list[1] => $list[2],
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