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I am trying to create a cscope index for x86 kernel source files only.

I need to know what files may be needed to work with just x86 source code.

How can I do this?

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the x86 directories in the source trees contain x86 specific codes. or do you want something else ? –  phoxis Aug 31 '11 at 18:13

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Create an cscope.files, which will include only files from subfolders:


There was also asm-x86 or asm-i386 in include directory; but in 3.0 kernel these files are moved to arch/x86 too

This will be for only x86-arch-specific code and will not include generic (multiarch) code.

If you want to get cscope for all generic files AND for x86-specific, include into your cscope.files file:

every top folder, but not arch (block, crypto, drivers, firmware, fs, include, 
  init, ipc,kernel,lib,mm,net,sound,tools,usr,virt)
and arch/x86 folder
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thankss osgx. will do it –  kernel_os Nov 23 '11 at 18:21

The linux kernel has a make target to index the code for cscope.

make cscope

should do the trick. To filter for a specific architecture, set the 'ARCH' environement variable first:

ARCH=x86 make cscope

The command will include all the x86 asm directories and leave out the rest. I did not specifically test for x86, but I use it all the time with 'arm'.

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