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I get stuck with my cell selection. I have custom cell with UITextView object embedded in. It is not editable, not scrollable, with user interaction enabled. And I can not select cell over this view.

I've tried the same thing but with UITextField object and selection works.

Any ideas how to make it work?

This is test project. There is just one table view with one cell. There is one text view and one text field in this cell. You can select the cell over the text field and can not over the text view.

Thank you!

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Turn off "User Interaction Enabled" on your text view and the selection will work fine (MainStoryboard.storyboard->Table View Controller->Table View->Table View Section->Custom Table View Cell->Text View). Allowing user interaction on the text view is capturing the taps before the table view cell gets them. Since your text view isn't scrollable or editable, you don't want user interaction enabled.

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you could propably use one of the uitextview delegate functions like – textViewShouldBeginEditing: or – textViewDidChangeSelection: (don't know if they get called if not editable)

In one of these functions call the uitableview delegate function
– tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath:

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