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I'm using Ant 1.8.2 with Java 6. I have written a custom task for Ant. How do I set JVM memory settings when this custom task is run? The task resembles …

<target name="Selenium4" depends="checkout-selenium-tests">
    <taskdef name="SeleniumHTMLClient" classname="com.cm.systems.selenium.ant.SeleniumRunner">
            <classpath refid="selenium-classpath-ref" />

    <SeleniumHTMLClient … arguments …>


How would I adjust the memory settings when executing the custom task? Thanks, - Dave

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You can't set the memory configuration for your particular task, unless you fork a new JVM to run that task. To set the memory configuration for the Ant job as a whole, use the ANT_OPTS environment variable. See the "running" section of the Ant documentation.

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